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Notice: I will be doing business on a limited, case by case basis for now.

Here are some schematics of some of my favorite and not so favorite amps! Also, some guitars!

I'm going to be getting more up soon. Sorry about the file sizes, but I made them as small as they could be but still be legible. What's the point of a schematic if you can't read it? The best way to print these is to right click on them and save them to your disk. Then open them up in a paint program and print it that way. The program should put it all on one page. The regular paint function in Windows 95/98 won't open these though. You can download free paint programs from various places on the net if you need one.

Disclaimer: Now that you have a schematic and layout for your amp, don't believe that it makes you qualified to go in and work on it. There is still a risk that you can kill yourself at MANY different points in the amp. Stay out of it if you don't know how to drain filter caps and generally keep yourself out of trouble.

Download the entire list of schematics:
Windows zip
Unix tar.gz

Blackface/Silverface Fenders

Blackface Super Reverb, layout, notes. (AB763)

Blackface Deluxe Reverb, layout, notes. (AA763) (notes on the AA763 vs. AB763)

Blackface Twin Reverb, layout. (AB763)

Blackface Vibroverb, layout, notes. (AB763)

Blackface Princeton Reverb, layout. (AA1164)

Silverface late '60's Twin Reverb, layout, notes. (AA270)

Silverface early to mid '70's Twin Reverb. (also Quad, Super Six, Dual Showman, and Vibrosonic Reverbs)

Silverface late '70's Twin Reverb 135w. (ultralinear model, also Quad, Super Six, Dual Showman and Vibrosonic Reverbs)

Blackface Vibro-Champ, layout. (AA764)

Silverface Bassman 135.

Silverface Musicmaster Bass.

Brown/White Fenders

Brown Bassman, layout. (6G6-A)

Brown Vibroverb. (6G16)

Brown Princeton, layout. (6G2)

Tweed Fenders

Tweed Twin, layout. (5F8-A)

Tweed Bassman, layout, notes. (5F6-A)

Tweed Bandmaster, layout. (5E7)

Tweed Deluxe, layout, notes. (5E3)

Tweed Champ, layout, notes. (5F1)

Fender Reverb Units

Vintage (circa '61 to '66) Reverb Unit.

70's Fender Reverb Unit.

Other Fender

70's Super Twin Reverb.


Hiwatt DR preamp, 50 watt power amp, 100 watt power amp.


Marshall Super Lead, notes. (metal panel)

Here is the metal panel Marshall Super Bass. As far as I know, this is very similar to the Plexi circuit. Notice how similar it looks to a tweed Bassman? Marshalls are nothing but hotrodded Bassmans anyway... (notes on the Super Bass)



Other amps

Check out this Supro Thunderbolt with solid state rectifier. This was drawn by Jerry of Frederic, a super good guy for giving it away! Thanks my man! The resolution is not too good, so I might redraw it by looking at my buddy's Thunderbolt. I'd ask Frederic to see if he could get another better copy, but jeez, I don't want to ask for too much! I'll go ahead and draw it when I get time and when I get over to my friend's house, which happens to be all the way across town... I know for a fact that these amps use something like a 200 ohm cathode resistor instead of the 700 that is listed here. I only saw this on one amp though.

Silvertone 1472. A small 2 6V6 amp that happens to sound pretty good.


Fender Telecaster.

Fender Jazzmaster.

Fender Jaguar.

Fender Esquire.

I will be getting more schematics of guitars and amps up as soon as I can.

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