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Tubes. This is a page describing the tubes I carry. I do my best to give an accurate description of tone and what you can expect. Sometimes tone description is a bit pragmatic, like one tube sounds a certain way compared to another tube. It's fairly impossible to describe tube tone without some kind of comparison. Enjoy.

Other tubes. This is a page describing the tone of other tubes I have had experience with. I can get some of these if you really want to try them. Some I will not carry at all for reasons mentioned. I do feel that the tubes I do carry represent a broad enough tone spectrum for what I normally work on. However, I may start carrying some of the tubes listed in here if demand calls for it.

Schematics. This is a list of some of the more common guitar amp schematics. The files are fairly large, but I did that to ensure that they would be clear and printable. There will be more going up as time and server space allows.

Troubleshooting. I have some simple troubleshooting tips up here. I will be working to expand this page as much as I can. I hope you find it useful.

Rectifier tubes. This is an explanation of the different rectifier tubes most commonly found in guitar amps. It also shows why these tubes are sometimes NOT as interchangeable as people might have you believe.

Filter Capacitors. Why you should change them and why you should NOT listen to people that tell you they shouldn't. Also, some info on cathode bypass caps.

Funny Fix Its. These are strange and funny stories from other techs and myself about problems that you don't normally look for...

Biasing. Things you need to know about tube amps and bias. When you get your power tubes changed, you need to get the bias adjusted in most cases. Find out why here.

Tone Considerations. Things to think about before you spend a load of money on that amp.

Blackface vs. Silverface Fenders. This is some info on the differences and why older is better in this case.

Silverface to Blackface mod. Find out what it is and why your amp will almost ALWAYS sound better converted to blackface specs if you have a silverface.

AA763 vs. AB763 Fenders. This is a page that discusses the difference between the short lived AA763 and the longer lived and most revered AB763 circuits.

AA864 Bassman vs. AB165 Bassman. Fender did some nutty things with the later "blackface" Bassmans. Go here to find out how to "unburden" your later "blackface" Bassman of the stupid mods CBS did after '64.

Deluxe Reverb Mod. This is not a mod per se, but it is a neat thing to try if you want more volume and bass out of your Deluxe Reverb.

Reissue Reverb Unit mod. If you have a Fender reissue reverb unit, you should try this. AT LEAST change the tubes if you don't feel like going inside it though.

Links. I have some interesting links here. Hope you like them.

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