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Notes on the blackface Super Reverb

I make it no secret that I think this is my favorite amp ever! For clean blues, distorted blues, rock, country, whatever you play (except possibly metal), this is the best there ever was! The tweed Bassman is the only other amp that I can think of that is almost as versatile, but it does sound different. The Super Reverb has a more refined clean sound, and a less toothy overdriven sound. But it still is pretty intense! Here are some general thoughts on it:

1. Don't bother using the extension speaker jack. The amp is already running at 2 ohms, it doesn't need any more speakers on it! That pretty much goes for all Fender amps as well. I know I know, there are a million people out there that have been running amps forever with extra speakers, but it doesn't help things any. Tube life is also decreased when you use extension speakers.

2. Super Reverbs came with pretty decent speakers up until about the late 60's to early 70's. In late '63 and early '64, they came with Jensen C10R's, the best Super Reverb speaker there ever was in my opinion. After that, they came with alnico CTS, then ceramic CTS usually. There are probably exceptions, but this is the case most of the time. In about the late '60's or early '70's, the speakers were Oxfords usually. These things are a disaster as far as I'm concerned. Vibrolux Reverbs came with them very commonly as well, but they started using them in '64. These speakers have NO high end. If you like that warm blues tone, then they might be good. But they tend to hold out a long time before distortion, so that doesn't help any. I've got Weber VST P10R's in my Super Reverb, and they sound very nice. It's the perfect blend of Super Reverb refinement and Bassman insanity (tweed Bassmans commonly came with Jensen P10R's). I think I'll be trying some others as soon as I can ante up the cash.

3. There have been some recommended mods by a certain amp fixer person that I think are DEPLORABLE and not at all necessary. DON'T MOD THIS AMP! This is one of the best amps of all time, and it needs no mods. If you think it needs mods, sell it and get an amp that you think is better. Thousands of people in the world think Supers don't need mods.

4. If you have an old Super Reverb, get it serviced, inclding new electrolytic capacitors and new tubes. After this, it will provide you many years of trouble free service, along with the best Fender tone there ever was!

5. Prices on these is getting higher, but not going crazy like some other blackface amps (Vibrolux Reverb, Deluxe Reverb). The price seems to be around $900 to $1100 for a good shape one. It may be a bit higher for earlier ones, or a bit lower if the condition is bad. Modded ones should not get much. Remember, the consumer decides prices! Don't stand for some rip off dealer that wants $1500 for a ragged out '67! Find a better deal!

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